Promotions Team

The focus of the Promotions Team is to take information about the RCLC Outreach Programs and make it available to the congregation and the community.

Did you know, if you are a member or regular attendee of Risen Christ Lutheran Church, you are already a part of the Promotions Team?

The Promotions Team promotes the church activities and ministries with a focus on websites, such as the RCLC website, Facebook page, and The Promotions Team is a liaison between Pastor, all ministry teams, and the congregation.

The team also works to encourage those in our community to visit Risen Christ Lutheran Church.

If you have questions, please contact the church office at (937) 323-3688 for more information. 




2023: Goals
· Additional members to assist with this team’s responsibilities.
· Communicating with the various church ministries to provide content for the website and Facebook.
· Scheduling of the church greeters for church services, visitor brochures and packets
2022: Accomplished
– · A team formed to oversee the content for the web pages, Facebook and YouTube videos are up-to-date. For now this team will meet monthly, addressing changes, updates needed, modifications, etc. 
· Webmaster resolved RCLC Website issues as they are brought to his attention..
 – The Promotions Team will meet monthly to address changes and updates needed for the technological portion of the Promotions Team

Resolved RCLC Website issues as they are brought to attention, which include:
– YouTube descriptions of live videos have custom content, of message from RCLC & highlights of video (Thank you Linda & Phil)
– The Food Pantry Ministry page has revised/updated the webpage content. Images of Food Pantry activities will be posted soon.

December 6, 2022