Promotions Team promotes the church with focus to web-based sites.  Promotions works as a liaison to Pastor, all teams, church, Board, Church secretary and others in church.  

The primary function is to gather the necessary info to allow for web presence, and functions to bring people to be members of the church.

Ministry Promotions formed.
– We are looking for team members to help with promotions ministry team. A few have been called to help.
– Fixed RCLC Website issues found.
– Will attend next Ministry team meetings

– Will ask ministry teams to have ministry teams provide content for there newly formed ministry pages on RCLC website.
– Pantry has revised content, content has been updated. Waiting for images.
– YouTube descriptions of live video’s have custom content, of message form RCLC & highlights of video (Thank you Linda & Phil)

November 23,2022