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Macie Tipton

Needs our prayers for Healing and Recovery

From Gene and Jo Baumgardner: Please pray for Macie Tipton, daughter of our friends and employees, Eric and Lauryn. Macie has just been diagnosed with a Wilms tumor on her left kidney. It is cancerous. She is on the oncology floor of Columbus Nationwide Children\\s Hospital. Her parents are waiting for the oncologist to come give them a game plan. Doctors have already told them it is very treatable and fortunate it is on her kidney; if they have to remove one kidney, Macie can still have a normal life. Please pray for strength and comfort for all the family and that God works with everyone involved in her care to get Macie well and back home playing with her brother. Thank you, Jo Baumgardner

This request was made on September 23, 2021, 4:55 pm | ID: 16
Prayer Update:

Macie had many tests today and will be having surgery Thursday AM to remove the tumor and her left kidney. The doctors will be able to determine what stage the cancer is and Macie will have chemo for a few weeks up to 9 months. Please pray for the surgery to be successful and for God to give His peace to Macies family. 2nd Update: Macie is out of surgery. They said she did really well. They removed her left kidney along with a 2 pound tumor. It does not look like it spread anywhere else. They won\'t have a pathology test until the first of next week, but the first part of this process went really well. Keep the prayers coming because they aren\'t out of the woods yet. PTL!

This Prayer Update was made on September 23, 2021, 12:00 am
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Rob and Kim Hunt

Needs our prayers for Healing and Recovery

We ask that you lift up in your prayers for Rob and Kim Hunt. Ask Rob and Kim are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19 we ask for ongoing prayers. Nathan has gone back to work as he is recovering. Rob is still having fevers was 103 last night but he is making progress Kim is doing a lot better so they’re both making good progress but still have a ways to go in the recovery process. So please continue to pray for them for full healing and encouragement in the process.

This request was made on September 22, 2021, 6:04 pm | ID: 17
Prayer Update:

We ask you to lift up in your prayers Rob Hunt. he’s been running a fever for 10 days now with his battle with COVID-19 and it spiked over 103.5 again today and so he is in the hospital. He is also experiencing significant dehydration, so that they can’t even get an IV in fir fluids. so we need prayers for strength, for peace , for healing. He can’t begin the healing process until he gets rehydrated and starts beating back the fever, so that is the first step we are asking for prayers in that regard. Also that as he recovers he would be patient enough to follow doctor‘s orders as that’s probably not always his tendency so we ask God for extra patience in that regard. Also that God would envelop his dear bride Kim as she too has been battling Covid, but is recovering but now has her husband hospitalized and she can’t see him. Also prayers that the doctors would be guided with wisdom to make the right decisions and that moving forward things would progress fully and quickly.

This Prayer Update was made on September 22, 2021, 12:00 am
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Jack Clark

Needs our prayers for Peace and Comfort

Jack Clark, former member of Risen Christ, asks for prayers for his family. His daughter Diane passed away unexpectedly. Pray for comfort for his family at this time.

This request was made on September 5, 2021, 9:36 pm | ID: 15
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Jeannie Day

Needs our prayers for Healing and Recovery

Jeannie asks for prayers of healing. She has had fevers and feeling miserable this past week, and believes she may have gotten COVID. Her whole family has had COVID the past few weeks, and she may have contracted it.

This request was made on September 5, 2021, 9:33 pm | ID: 14
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Jim Perks

Needs our prayers for Healing and Recovery

Jim to ER in Myrtle Beach yesterday with angioedema attack. Had these before and it causes his tongue, airways to swell to almost closing. With meds, the swelling was stopped right before they were to put a tube down his throat. The swelling is almost gone and he stayed overnight for observation.

This request was made on August 22, 2021, 12:39 pm posted by Sharon Perks and was read in Service on March 7, 2021 | ID: 1
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Jason & His Family

Needs our prayers for Salvation

Please, pray for Jason and his family's salvation. Jason doesn't believe God exists nor that believe in Jesus is needed. Also, pray for me to follow Gods direction. Thank you!

This request was made on July 1, 2021, 12:00 am | ID: 13
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