Bible Studies

Whether you have read through the Bible ten times, have memorized massive portions of scripture, or can’t find Genesis 1:1 without help, I assure you will be blessed by these lessons. Choose a Bible discussion plan and join us! – Pastor Brad

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  2. 1. Sunday morning 9:00am Bible Study for Adults – meet in the Fellowship Hall. The current topic is Quiet Heroes of the Faith. This study looks at six Bible “heroes”: The widow at Zarephath, Dorcas, Naaman, John Mark, Hannah, and Zacchaeus. We will get a peek into their lives, surroundings, and their struggles with and responses to the world’s influences on life and how they maintained their faith.
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  4. 2. Sunday morning 9:00am Sunday School for Children of all ages – meet in the Kindergarten room
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  6. 3. Tuesday Women’s Bible Study at 10:00am – meet in the School Library. The current topic is the Book of Esther.
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  8. 4. Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00pm – meet in the Fellowship Hall. Elder Rob Hunt is teaching a study on the Epistles of 1st & 2nd Peter.
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  10. 5. First Saturday of the Month – Men’s Bible Study at 8:00am – meet in the Fellowship Hall.