Bible Studies

Whether you have read through the Bible ten times, have memorized massive portions of scripture, or can’t find Genesis 1:1 without help, I assure you will be blessed by these lessons. Choose a Bible discussion plan and join us! – Pastor Brad

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  2. 1. Sunday Bible Class: 
  3. Masks of God — Martin Luther said, “Vocations are “masks of God.” On the surface, we see an ordinary human face — our mother, the doctor, the teacher, the waitress, our pastor — but, beneath the appearances, God is ministering to us through them. God is hidden in human vocations.”  Vocation is everything that you are created to do in your life, not simply the things that bring a paycheck. 
  4. God chose your “Vocation.”  God created you for the fullness of that vocation, to live your life in accordance with His plan and purpose for you.   We are created and called to live in the world, not escape the world, but to do so with our faith shining forth as we live out our calling in the world.   
  5. Even if you have been retired from the workforce for 30 years, your vocation carries on until you are called heavenward. 
  6. Join us on Sunday mornings this winter at 9:00 am in the fellowship hall for a great study on how we are created to live, serve, and share God’s grace through who we are, how we live and what we do
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  8. 2. Sunday morning 9:00am Sunday School for Children of all ages – meet in the Kindergarten room
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  10. 3. Tuesday Women’s Bible Study at 10:00am – meet in the School Library. The current topic is the Book of Esther.
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  12. 4. Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00pm – meet in the Fellowship Hall. Elder Rob Hunt is teaching a study on the Epistles of 1st & 2nd Peter.
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  14. 5. First Saturday of the Month – Men’s Bible Study at 8:00am – meet in the Fellowship Hall.