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A Missouri Synod Lutheran Church

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    Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Springfield, Ohio began a partnership with Reid Elementary School through Kids Hope USA in October 2012. Kids Hope USA establishes partnership with caring adults from a local congregation to spend one hour a week with struggling or at risk students in a public elementary school to assist them academically and socially. Risen Christ has 14 mentors, each working with a prayer partner. Our mentors have committed to spend an hour per week with their one student for the entire school year, and they have been faithful to that commitment. They are helping the children with reading or math and then spending free time with them playing a game, talking or going to recess for the balance of the hour.

    We have already heard the following comments from our mentors: “I am really starting to connect with my child;” “She told me that she can’t wait for me to come back next week;” He wants me to play outside at recess and is introducing me to all his friends;” and “She said she linked talking and hanging out with me. “ The excitement of our mentors is seen most clearly in that we have recently added two more mentors, and there are others talking about starting as soon as they can. It’s been an exciting year so far, and we are looking forward to the rest of this year and to many more years to come.